I’m not writing this about whether ‘ medical marijuana’ (don’t you love that name for it, changes the whole plant) should be legalized.  I am writing about my opinion whether it should be used for chronic pain.  For end-of-life situations, I’m all for it – go ahead.

For chronic pain, an issue close to my heart, I am not all for it.  No.  There are many factors to consider before using marijuana for chronic pain.  First of all, you’d have to consider using it continually, because chronic pain is what it says it is – chronic.  It doesn’t go away.  E-v-e-r.  24/7, it’s yours.  I know a lot about that.

An aside here, it is funny (not in a laughing way, maybe ‘funny’ peculiar, as mom would say) that most of the healthcare providers who were against the legalization of marijuana in my state, have no problem passing out antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, muscle relaxants and painkillers.  And, the western medical protocol for treating chronic pain is as close to unconscionable as you can get.

In considering using any substance that has the potential to alter our brains, we have to think what is to be gained, what may be lost.   I do take some pain medication, non-narcotic, and as little as possible.  It isn’t because I’m a martyr, it is because I want my faculties intact as much as possible and I’d rather have the sensation of pain, than be impaired and out driving, or in my own home all by myself.  I want me, as intact as possible.  There is no reliable information about the long term effects of marijuana use.  There is no reliable information about the long term use of anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, other painkillers.  Except, that none of them were meant for long term use; and, they have no potential to effect improvement or cure.  They are simply a mask for symptoms.

Personally, I don’t want the dependency issue that any person (considered by the medical community as an ‘addict’, or not) taking medication for chronic pain will have.  I don’t want to be dependent on a healthcare provider, a pharmacy, any person or entity outside of myself.   I’m willing to pay whatever price for that independence of body and mind.   The second thing to consider:  Do you have boatloads of money?  Do you need to be concerned about your financial future?  If you answered Yes to the first question; well, do as you please.  If you answered Yes to the second, like I did – listen up – pain medications, marijuana and those obtained from a traditional pharmacy, will help your pharmacist, the seller of the marijuana, your healthcare provider and NOT YOU.    It will drain your wallet.  There are other things on which I want to spend my money.

Initially, it seems like a good idea.  Marijuana for chronic pain – maybe freedom and sweet release!  Any action has a consequence, that’s the place to start with sorting it out for yourself.   I considered those consequences for myself, the answer was No.  There are times pain is very difficult for me to tolerate.  I do have to alter my activities, and my schedule.  I have learned how to do that, and to stay as active as I possibly can.  I’ve put up with the prejudices and judgments and not answering is the best answer – live your life PERIOD.

As of now, there just is no good answer to chronic pain.  But true science in this direction leads toward your own brain holding promise for answers.  We can affect our own brains, change our habits, our beliefs.  I went this route.  I chose to explore, investigate and practice changing my mind for coping with pain.  I don’t lose anything, I’m still me all the time, and I hope a better me for self and others.  Meditation was my choice.   Let me be clear, it does not, at this time. alter my pain in any way.  I’m not ‘better’ painwise.  I am better in that sense that we all know but can’t explain:   My attitude is better; coping skills are improved; my sense of emotional balance is greatly improved,  I have more physical energy, and I  experience FUN on a regular basis.

So, medical marijuana for chronic pain.  No.  I want you to consider every other positive alternative.  Consider cause and effect, consequences for choices and behaviors.  Instant relief does not mean long term or productive, contributory relief  in continuum.  My question to myself is always:  Who do you want to be?  Will this help you get there?  The answer for me was No.  In good conscience, I can’t recommend this choice to anyone.  I can’t recommend anything that puts control and choice outside of you when the answer is within.

Be the guardian of you.  The white knight is already here, look in the mirror.

Thanks for stopping by.  Lilie Allen


2 thoughts on “POT, OR NOT?

  1. Florence Ore says:

    Thank you Lilie for sharing this with me. You are clear and living proof that changes are and can be made within. each of us. Recognize and accept them. Be happy.


  2. great post, truly reflecting the great power of our minds, and an amazing prof of your courage to cope with your pain…

    Although my views on marijuana is not on the painkiller side, but more on the awareness and pineal gland protection side!

    But still, can’t help put to agree with you on all counts.

    thank you for such an inspiring post.

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