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Underthewisdomtree.wordpress.com is the blog site for Southwest MT Pain Mgt, Inc., a nonprofit business dedicated to teaching chronic pain/illness management through the use of meditation.

Along the way, I learned many other uses for meditation.   The primary reason I began a meditation practice was that it helped me detach emotionally from my pain, and physical problems.   I became my own ‘mindful observer’.  It wasn’t about denying emotions, but it was about seeing that emotion is a messenger.   We can decide how we want to process the message.

I also found, in working with others, that meditation is calming, gives you that space inside yourself to access reason rather than reactivity.  It has been used, with proven success, in prisons.  It is beneficial  for anger management and bullying issues.  For people who struggle with emotional control, it’s a safe, excellent place to start.  Easy and cost-effective, too.

Why a nonprofit?  Because the teaching is not covered, currently, by insurance.  I have a feeling it will be, when insurance companies realize how cost-effective teaching coping skills is.  And, it keeps some people who would be interested in having some assistance with coping skills from slipping through the cracks because they don’t have the money.  Also, personally, because I would like to teach in schools and other public forums the benefits of realizing Y-O-U are in control of your thinking, and how you put that in action.  The younger we learn this, the better.

So, in this space you will find articles related to issues of everyday living, particularly for those who deal with chronic pain/illness.  I am one of those.  I have had postherpetic neuralgia of the S1 nerve root (down my legs, especially left) for about the last 16 years.   At the time my story began, there was little information out there about the effects of shingles, and few healthcare providers who were able to help me.  I did my own research, studying and review.  Found my own diagnosis, which was then confirmed by physicians.  And, after reviewing the western medical protocol offered to me, I put together my own treatment plan.  I try to share that here.

I hope something posted here will be helpful to you, maybe make you think and might even be a place to say ‘hey yeah, that’s me, too’.  Thanks for stopping by.  Lilie Allen


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