Language has become a mere marketing tool.  It’s sloppy, imprecise, irrelevant, and sometimes downright silly.  For some things, that may be ok.  You want people to look and read, it seems you have to have language that is eye-catching.  And, since writers are appealing to ever shorter attention spans (marketers believe this about us – think about that); well, there you go.  Silly slides in. 

I don’t want silly in my news.  I sure don’t want it in my science.  But, silly slides in.  There it is.  In my study of meditation, I met silly everywhere.  I was disappointed, because there is proof that meditation has value.  Particularly, to people like me, who are searching for something that can help them; that they can master and pass on.  The ability to concentrate and examine your mind, change your brain is a most valuable life skill.  Yet, we have silly in the science.  And, nobody mentions it.  People get caught up in repeating it, without thinking about the words.

I got caught.  I repeated the statement, “Your default setting (of your brain) is negativity.”  I had to hear myself saying it before I caught it. Oh, and we’ll deal with the ‘reptilian brain’ crap here, too.  

What’s the truth here, what’s the real meaning of this obfuscating blather?  You are not a computer.  You don’t have a default setting.  And, your brain is not reptilian.   The unmarketable truth:  We have a brain that evolves with time and the need for adaptation.  We, like all living creatures, have a strong alarm system.  It’s on.  Our brain scans our environment and looks for things that may be a threat or become one.  Now, that’s not negativity.  That’s observance PERIOD.  However, some of us have developed the habit of reactivity and emotionalism to things in our environment that do not truly pose a threat, and it has set our alarm system in high gear, too much of the time. We don’t observe anymore, we react.  You have control of that, the moment you choose to control it. 

Reptilian brain?  Again, you have a brain that has evolved over time, and the need for adaptation.  Some parts of the brain are more primitive than others.  There is not a snake hanging around inside you, but thanks for the imagery.  Although, . . there are some. .  I’m not prepared to discuss that here.

For the rest of silly:  I was listening to someone whose science I respect. But, the meditation sessions, I can barely listen to.  I don’t want to quote him directly but the gist was ‘comforting a small, furry animal inside you’.  And other folk suggesting we comfort ‘the child within’.   Really?  Please.  Please, don’t do that to meditation.  It’s not necessary.  It’s too important a message. 

You don’t have a snake, a furry animal or a child within you.  You do have memories of being a child, that’s different.  Now, you are grown up.  Live in your now.  What’s wrong with that?  If you support your NOW with truth, you’ll be able to cope with the things of the past that seem to bind and hurt you.  Try it. 

If you learn to meditate by paying attention to the actual processes of the body, you’ll learn about your alarm system:  when you need it, and when you’re ok.  You’ll learn about relaxing so you can be more observant.  You’ll learn about your breath and how it drives everything within; and that all living things breathe.  It’s possible to learn the truth of your inner structure, and the structure of your character: what you want to keep, what you want to change. 

So, I apologize for my gaff of repeating something before thinking.  I’ll try not to let that happen again.  And, please don’t silly-up science.  Don’t silly-up the things that matter.  Practice your listening and observing skills, don’t accept the silly.   We can take the truth – go ahead, speak it.

Thanks for stopping by. 



  1. janbeek says:

    I can’t promise I won’t repeat something before thinking first – but I can promise, as you did, that I will TRY. Try to stop the Silly. Try to THINK before speaking – anything. Thanks for the challenge!

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