Blog style writing is not me.  The style is wrenching; a one hand tied behind my back sort of thing.

I’m a poet, or that’s how I see myself.  I think and write in rhythm, not necessarily rhyme.

So here I write, closer to me, what I think and have to say.


I have a message, all writers do.

Words have great value, from the poor – or, the mighty.

I am interested in words,

from those with whom I agree, those with whom I don’t.

If I only hear myself, what learning is there?

Looking into the mirror, for examination – not confirmation.

So, I have a message, speak the truth, as you know it now.

Change when that changes for you.

Speak the truth,

in compassion and all that is forward motion

in best intention for self and others

I don’t write the science, list the names

I have been there, studied that, read the book; listened and learned

That’s for someone else to tell you

That’s for you to look it up

Critical thinking skills in use,

understand what you will,

change when it comes to you

believe, or not – based on truth, on choice

I have a message

tell the truth,

as best you can, when you do


Thanks for stopping by.   Lilie


4 thoughts on “A MESSAGE

  1. janbeek says:

    Who says “Blog Style” and POETRY cannot be synonymous? Your voice is your voice. You don’t have to change it to blog, dear Lilie! I love your style ;o)

  2. Alex Jones says:

    It depends upon the purpose of your blog, if it is for the purpose that others read it, then the success of that purpose require that you write in a manner that the reader can handle. Poor blogging technique kills readership, people won’t read.

    • Thank you. I appreciate the time you have taken to read the article, and to thoughtfully respond. My purpose, always, is to just be me – to try to speak, write and act as I am. I am changing the style a bit because, though I wrote the previous articles honestly, that style does not come naturally to me. It is my hope that people will take the time to read, but, if it means being other than authentic to attract the attention, oh well. Again, I thank you so much for your feedback. And, I understand you are not recommending that I be other than authentic in my writing. There is a style of writing for each purpose, a good technical writer can follow that. A good writer can adopt a style, authentically, that does appeal. I may be more of a poet, than a writer – that’s ok with me. Again, thank you, much appreciated. Lilie

  3. affirmagise says:

    I love the way you have written this – only today I was reflecting on my style of writing and decided to challenge myself to write more simply! Maybe it will be more poetic!

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