I have mentioned that this is a blog site for Southwest MT Pain Mgt, Inc.,  a nonprofit.  I am the owner/manager.   What do most of my topics have to do with chronic pain/illness?  Well, I found, in my own struggle with chronic pain, that working on my inner life improved my psychological/physical situation immeasurably.  I did not get rid of, nor lessen, the pain, but I improved my strength, psychologically and physically.   And, I believe I became a better friend (to myself and others), wife and mother in the process. I have a better life, with happiness that is not dependent on circumstances.

Mental discipline, through meditation, is a great skill for me.  Each and every day, I have my practice and it gives me strength and energy.  I don’t worry about what may come.  I’m ready.  I don’t feel as attached to the outcome of things, either.  I do my best, and know that whatever comes of that, I will go on and do my best in the next thing.

I want to be the ‘word photographer’, that’s my goal with this blog.  To give a snapshot of a thought, idea, concept. . . tangent (lol) that may make someone think and follow those thoughts to what will be useful for them.   Blogging creates that possibility of community.   Read something here that causes you to think, go on to other blogs that offer the science, the structure, the skills needed to accomplish what is helpful to you.  That’s my hope.   It sure is out there.  There are some terrific blogs.  May I be a stepping stone.

Thanks for stopping by.  Lilie


2 thoughts on “SNAPSHOTS IN WORDS

  1. janbeek says:

    Thank you! You ARE a stepping stone! You have led me to discover this WordPress site and several bloggers who are such fun to follow. I appreciate your thoughts, your referrals, and your insightful commentary.

  2. Nothing best than to reflect ones own experience in the benefit to give more insight to people, and maybe one day everyone would find peace with their struggles in life…. especially when we learn how to embrace our mistakes, learn from them, hopefully enough to start noticing other peoples mistakes and learn more and develop while giving guidance to people in need.
    aren’t we all human beings, lets try to act humane at least 🙂

    thank you for your insight, keep it up

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