Most bloggers, who want to be successful, blog very regularly, maybe daily. I admire that. For me, sometimes I have to apportion my time. It is one of the adaptations necessary in dealing with chronic pain. I sometimes have to think where I am going to put my energy and follow that course for that time, letting other things go and being at peace with that, until I can return; believing that others will bear with me, and that I have something worthwhile to say. Thank you for your patience. I appreciate those who hang in there with me.

I am working hard in physical therapy to overcome a broken leg, and trying to strengthen a weak, and painful, left leg (this is the chronic thing – left leg damaged by shingles).

Also, working on yoga asanas for lessons to come – it seems more like choreography to me. I’ll hear some song or music, and off I go, seeing yoga postures in a series. I’m taking a refresher course in anatomy and physiology. And, I’m writing poetry, writing and writing – that’s my true love. Also, enjoying the remarkable writing of writer friends!

I struggle with fatigue from pain, that is truth. But, I do not add suffering. It is what it is. We have bones, and they can break. We have bodies susceptible to many things, we don’t have to add suffering to the mix. And, if you are breathing, there are ways to serve. Ordinary things, making lunch for your mate, or a meal for a friend or neighbor in need carry love and compassion outward and onward. Volunteering to teach what you know – you can do that, too.

Each day, I begin with meditation, this week Pema Chodron’s ‘Three Commitments’ is my inspiration. I don’t keep a gratitude journal, I’m trying to live a gratitude life. I carry with me, each day, appreciation for all that is with me, all that gives assistance to those I love, to me. I make my intention to pass that into every other life that I can, by word, or deed.

Lilacs, lilacs, lilacs in my neighbors yard have grown so large that I have them, too; their gorgeous green leaves and flowers have grown through my fence. Their fragrance wafts through my windows, filling my house with that indescribably lovely scent. Someone quite some time ago, planted something that gives beauty and lifts the heart of strangers to this day. What you do matters.

Plan the use of your energy. If you are in pain, or have illness, do what you need to do for your health. Eat well, rest and find some type of physical activity you enjoy – this is so important. Then, fill your mind, your life with all the surrounding beauty and goodness, contribute to it. The more you fill your mind with the desire for positive opportunities, the more those will come to you – whatever your situation. It is always a choice, you can suffer and stagnate – or rejoice and receive. Every giving thing, is already back to you with blessing.

At this point in my life, I’m not sure about religion, but I believe in goodness and compassion, and have evidence of it every day. May you have goodness and mercy. May you have peace in your challenges.

Thank you for hanging in there with me. Thank you for stopping by. Lilie



  1. Momma E. says:

    Hi Lilie -This is what I try to do every day. Some days successfully, some not. You said:
    “Someone quite some time ago, planted something that gives beauty and lifts the heart of strangers to this day. What you do matters.” This really resonated with me today. We are not always sure what type of impact we have on others. What we can be sure of is that we do have one. Each of us creates ripples and currents in life’s water, and each of us is important. We are the world – to at least one other person. Fatigue, pain, depression, and sadness can make us lose sight of this sometimes. Thanks for the wonderful reminder! Hugs! Donna

  2. Wishing you well , that your health will bring health to everyone who read’s you blog if mentally or on a emotion level or pure joy in their physical body.

    • Thank you so much for your well-wishes, everything matters and I believe the good intentions others have toward us, and us toward them makes a difference.

      I know that with improvement in my emotional health, my ability to see reality more clearly also improved. The pain did not go away, but I became happy despite any circumstance and found all sorts of enhancements to that as I went along.

      I enjoyed your blog. A lovely light. Keep blogging. Again, thank you.

  3. Really nice post, and admire your amazing strength, a living prof of how to turn your pain into a positive motive… way to go.

    One question though… do you believe in herbal medications? and am not talking about weed πŸ™‚

  4. thesubterraneanworld says:

    A great post πŸ™‚ I loved the way you interpret YOGA as a tool for strengthening the character and defeating the pain πŸ™‚
    Thank you for following my blog πŸ™‚

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