I just took a refresher course in anatomy and physiology.  I love the design and function of the human body.  We are marvelously made, that’s for sure.  Though, sometimes we fool with that too much.  We have become a society where any normal emotion, or normal function, or phase of  life, if the slightest bit unpleasant to us, must be dispatched  immediately, and with as little effort on our part as possible.  Or, it takes us too much time to just plain take care of ourselves, and there are pills for that, so why not?

For example, my father, two days after my mother’s death, was upset – surprise, huh?  The doctor was.  He wanted my dad on antidepressants immediately.  Really.  I said, his wife just died.  The doctor said,  “Well, two years ago. ”  He had not listened, and the nurse had recorded inaccurate information on his chart, as she had not listened either.   I said, “Listening should be part of your medical education, he told you two d-a-y-s ago.  They were married for 49 years.  She’s the only person he ever really cared about.  He’s sad, he’s grieving, you bet.”  Well, can’t have any of that foreign substance, grief, going around – gotta knock that out of the body.  Bull.  If you are grieving a loss, grieve a loss.  Antidepressants are for people DIAGNOSED with clinical depression.  Not for people who want to lose weight, don’t get along with husbands, or family, or family of husbands, or normal life events, or who handle their emotions poorly.  No.  By, the way, the doctor did not correct the information on the chart, and when I left, put my dad on antidepressants.  Until we talked to dad, and got him off.

Also, now it is popular to be prescribed antidepressants during menopause.  They may take some of your symptoms away and make you more comfortable.  They are masking symptoms that must be gone through.  It’s a season of life, a change that is going to happen.  Do you have moods that change quickly, frequently?  Yes, the hormones in your body/brain are changing.  When you know that, you can do something more reasonable than suffer from it.  Are there exceptions to the rule?  Yes.  Exceptions to every rule.   But, remember, to everything there is a consequence.  Antidepressants change brain chemistry.

The best thing for your body, from begining to end of life, is motion and feeding it well.  Supplements, not unless your doctor shows you specific testing on which you show a definite lack in a particular substance.  Otherwise, you are making very expensive urine PERIOD.   Your body metabolizes the majority of its nutrients from food.  Lay off of making the pie, cake, candy, bread family the mainstay of every meal; slow down on the red meat a bit – remember, you are eating whatever you eat eats.  Yeah.  I have a terrible grass allergy.  I was eating grassfed beef – see a problem here?  Also, I have a serious allergy to bees.  Wanna know if I use honey for anything?  Or, beeswax?  Probably not, that’s a good bet.   Have some common sense.  People allergic to molds, pollens, bee/wasp stings, are often sensitive to antibiotics.

Been diagnosed with reflux?  Did you lose the weight, start exercising?  Or, are you doing the pill, elevate the bed, etc., etc., thing?  If you lose the weight, begin exercise, you may just find you don’t need to waste money on those pills and what a wonderful thing to have the money for a nice outing of some type with friend or spouse, eh?    High blood pressure?  Genetics – big, big factor.  TAKE YOUR MEDS.  Watch your diet,  be judicious about fluid intake,  move your body, meditate – get calm.   Bet you can keep the meds to a minimum.   Sleep apnea is another big game for your bucks.  Some, again, genetics and other conditions.  Many, poor health habits.  And, we would rather cling to our poor health habits than do something about them – it takes too much time – really?  That’s your reason?    Same with adult onset diabetes.  Diet and exercise, and many wouldn’t have to deal with this.  Really, you’d rather have diabetes, than get out of your chair?   Than, eat a salad instead of a bag of chips and candy bar?   Except, that these things are costing us all.  We all are affecting everyone else with how we decide to treat ourselves.  We are what’s wrong with the healthcare system, in some part.

At 50, I began taekwondo.  I love it.  I have a difficult time walking far enough to do me any good.  So, I can do yoga, and I can do taekwondo.  I have vertigo (most of the time), a bum leg and constant pain.  I move, as much as I possibly can.  And, I break that up in shifts.  I move some, lie down and rest; and, then I get moving again when I can.  But, I move.  Moving literally circulates those wonderfully brain-manufactured pain meds, hormones, nutrients, etc.  All the things I really need to help me.   The things you need.  There is something out there for you, some interest that can get you to move.  Do you like to dance?  Dance in your living room, to whatever era of music, or genre, that strikes your fancy.  Maybe you have a senior center, you could suggest getting together with others and turning on the music?  Or,  a simple stretch class.

Before you medicate it, meditate it.  Know your family health history.  Do your research.  See your doctor.

Peace be with you.  Thanks for stopping by.  Lilie


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