I had mentioned we have owls.  Great Horned Owls, a pair of them.  They were living in the neighbor’s tree.  It was interesting to hear them call to each other at night; the funny ‘talk’ they seemed to have, almost like they were laughing with each other.   We did have to watch the small domestic animals in the neighborhood, and we did, all were kept safe.  But, the owls were a beautiful sight.  A reminder how grateful we are to live where we live.  We got attached to them quickly.  Pay attention to that word ‘attached’, will you?

It wasn’t enough for us to see them, to marvel at how close they were.  No, we had to become attached.  We had to want them to stay.  We wanted them to nest in the tree, to have young and to be there, in that tree – ours.  We said ‘our owls’ .  Without even realizing this thought process, we attached.  We expected, projected, made decisions for them, what would make us most happy.  Interesting.  I believe we do that in a lot of situations.  Maybe we should think about that.

The owls  took over a crows nest (owls do that, they take over the nest of other birds, and don’t necessarily make that a permanent home).   The crows got  angry and harrassed the owls.  The owls objected.  We liked the owls because the crows kill and discourage the song birds and the crows make a mess.  The crows cackling and circling and carrying on, finally made the owls look for more hospitable surroundings.   We thought it would go in the owls’ favor.

Now, we know, the owls were here and that’s enough.   We enjoyed them.  What a sight.  And, to see them up close; to see how big they were and how intricate their feathering; marvel at their silent flight.  The owls were here.  That was wonderful.  My husband and I are thankful for that; spending nights on the deck, listening and watching.  We heard not only the owls, but got to know the sounds of our neighborhood; appreciate the night sky, the scent of our lilacs in an evening breeze.  We are trying to realize the moment we are in and what is truly happening in that moment; to do our best in it, play our part well.  And, to let go of anything else.   We are all creatures who worry about what happens next.  Do your best, stand up in the moment you’re given.  You’ll be all set for the next moment.  Love what’s right in front of you – no waiting.  The beauty of life, there really is no waiting.  It’s all happening now.  Don’t miss it.

Peace be with you, and special moments, too.  Thank you so much for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “ATTACHMENT

  1. JanBeek says:

    I hope we get to see the owls when we come mid-June. Sounds fascinating!

  2. Jan, the owls have gone. We enjoyed them while they were here. Don’t know if they will return.

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