My dad was dying.   He knew it.  He didn’t have much time.  Dad was a planner, and he usually got his way.  Now, he had a plan.  The most important thing, he said to me, was that my older brother be baptized, that he believe in God the way my dad did.  Because, he wanted to be assured he would see my brother again.  Dad wanted to involve me in this.  I watched as he started his plan.  Preaching and talking.  He was becoming discouraged, and was lying in his bed in quiet frustration.

I just sat, too, silent.  I felt  pretty sad over all he was doing.  Then, a thought hit me and the words came out, unexpectedly.  “Have you seen that guy who sits in the chair opposite you, every day?  He notices everything, everybody in the room, while crossing it, before he sits down.  He’s tall and steady; his features are chiseled sharp and strong for who he would be in this life.  This one, he’s the person everybody runs to.   The Rock.  That was before he became a Navy corpsman, and then a Navy SEAL.  One of the elite.  He put himself through college; married a woman of character and good sense; they built a family, and a life, from which you now benefit.”

“This guy, he’s listened to your words and honored you, all his life.   He sits quietly, patiently, with you every day.  He notices everything; watches over and protects you.”

“There sits a remarkable man.  I remember him as a boy.  He followed what you said; what you taught.  He gave his word and he kept it.  Tough and kind.  Don’t you remember?”

“That guy, he’s a remarkable man.  He’s your son.  Isn’t it hard to breathe, when you realize that?  Don’t you want to just lie here and think on that?  This incredible human being  is yours, part of you.  He gives you a sense of belonging, because he is here, and will never leave you.   Don’t you want to know that?  He is here, and he won’t leave.  Don’t you want to know that, and hold him tight?  If there is God, let Him be God.  Love your son, that’s what you do now, love your son.”

That was the mission needing to be done.

Consider what your mission is, and whether it connects with present reality.  Does it truly serve, or are you missing the lesson prepared for you, right in front of you.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Lilie



  1. JanBeek says:

    Your daddy had it right. The first commandment is not love one another; the first commandment is love your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your might (or is it mind or both might and mind?). The second commandment is love one another – and that includes love your son! God bless your daddy – he did that! He loved God and he loved his son! He wanted the best for him. May he rest in peace knowing that the relationship between God and your brother is God’s work. It ain’t up to us. All we can do is live our best love – and pray!

    • Lilie says:

      Thank you, Jan. My dad was a wise man, in many ways. A remarkable man himself. But, he had to be told to stop proselityzing long enough to see this incredible man, this honorable man, this man who loved him all his life – this man who was his son. I think he finally was able to do that with all of us. No matter how much we loved him; he couldn’t see us as who we were, as individuals. He had trouble noticing love and worth in those outside his planning. I think, perhaps, he finally did.

  2. Hello dear Lilie, You are positively inspiring so I am happily giving you the Sunshine Award. As always, it’s all in fun and only if you would enjoy participating 🙂 More info on my post. Hugs, Gina

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