I have a particular topic for this blog, but first, let me say:

Thank you so very much to Steven L. Campbell, for nominating me for the Reader’s Appreciation Award.  I was, well, I just can’t think of the words – for a writer, that’s something, but it happens.  Thank you.  Please, go to http//  Check out what this gentleman has to say.   And, Steven, please read the rest of this, it may explain some things.  My next post, it will be just blogs appreciated and passed on.  Again, thank you so much for your most kind gesture.

Permit me to begin here.  I am often tangential; usually, I connect the dots.

I learned something and received an offer of help, and the help itself.  Right here, on this blog.  It was consciousness, and conscience, opening which is what I am after, more than anything else, these days.    I saw (I’m interested in what you may see?) some things you receive, some things to regard when help is offered and/or given.  I’ll name 3.

1.  It’s personal.  Even when offered by a stranger.  There’s an extension, a connection, a desire for one to provide for another.

2.  It begins as a thought in someone’s mind; is allowed to develop, and the intention is acted upon.  It’s personal.

3.  Help/assistance often has a motive.  Keep reading. . . That motive is often selfless.  Motive does not always have a negative connotation.  It just means something that causes a person to behave in a certain way.  It is very often NOT exploitive.   How, then, is it selfless?  In my opinion, the giver has sparked a primary importance: the recognition of suffering, or need.  He/she believes  in his/her ability to offer to that need.  And, has the courage (it does take courage) to act on that.  It’s personal.

Now, 3 things to remember about that:

1.  It’s personal.  Be respectful.

2.  It’s personal.  Acknowledge value.

3.  It’s personal.  Be kind.

The last in the exchange:  2 things to do

1.  Reciprocate.

2.  Pass it on, in any way that you have the ability (not optional).

Of course, I don’t have to mention that you will feel and want to show you’re grateful; because, you carry that gratitude thing on you – any ‘chips’ being replaced by the daily practice of that, yes?  Yes, we’re trying.

Now, to the how I learned it, and the reinforcement:

My pain of my health condition expresses itself in this negative way:  I am limited in my energy; and, I am embarrassed about this –  my frustration and concentration level.  I work on that through my meditation, but I must be aware of the truth of its present state.  I spend my energy working at yoga, meditation, knowing the human body and the body in motion, reading, knitting, performing ‘home tasks’.  And, that’s about what I can tolerate.  When something extra is added, particularly in certain areas, I can become resistant and frustrated quickly.  Those areas, computer (not kidding), anything to do with computer function and/or function of internet activities.  A wonderful reader Monique Liddle at (please, check this out) offered me assistance with reaching out to more audience.  I was, at first, resistant.  I didn’t think I could do it.  I just blog, just write.  I don’t even check out the functions offered at wordpress.  Usually, my patience wears too thin for that.  Monique, offered, and gave me the tip on how to accomplish this.  Then, she was courageous enough to say why this might help me; she stuck with me – a stranger, she offered, and stuck with me to let me get through my own frustration.  She didn’t take it personally; she didn’t give up.

Help, assistance, gives us more, more deeply than the surface.  Please, accept help when offered – even if you don’t follow the advice, or action, accept gracefully, gratefully.  It’s a consciousness/conscience opening act.  Let  it be that.  There’s a reason for it, that connection – it’s personal.   It’s a building block.  It’s a chance to learn to l-i-s-t-e-n with all that there is of you.  Think what that could do?  Ok, now, do the wave with that – lol.

Thanks so much, Monique.

Thanks to all who have stopped by.  I hope something said encourages you, makes you think, makes you see your worth, and pass your words on – tell me about them, so I can.

Again, thank you Steven L. Campbell.  Lol, I have to figure out how to do the award thing.  If I don’t get it, I will, at the very least, post blog sites – there are so many creative, thoughtful, kind and, yes, helpful folks out here.  Lilie Allen


6 thoughts on “HELP! HELP?

  1. Jan Beekman says:

    Yes, Lilie, it’s personal. You said it well. I’m glad you graciously allowed someone to award you and you gratefully accepted. It is well deserved. You ARE an inspiration. Thank you for introducing me to WordPress. I will get back to my blog when my GrandAngels leave. I have the girls with me today. They’ve been helping Bob in the yard. Now, he took them to get a milkshake. Reward time!

  2. Jan, if I have failed to say so,thank you for the nomination you gave me. It is much appreciated. As I said, I just don’t always get how to do things, and some things I just don’t yet have the patience to master, doesn’t mean I don’t regard the value though. I enjoy, and appreciate, your comments – always enlightening. Also, would you please, any time you post, put your site address with your post – so people can go to your site. Thanks.

  3. mliddle says:

    The first post I read was “What Is What Is?” When I fisnished, I thought what an honest and challenging view on things in life we often define as adversarial. My multiple sclerosis is just doing what MS does. It’s not a monster out to make my life hellish. My nervous system is overactive & attacks itself. You went on to give other examples. That post moved me. I knew other people would want to read this, and I wanted other people to read this blog.

    I meekly suggested to you a way to add the email function so all people can follow your blog. I was nervous that I was pushy, but your blog is something I believe in & value as a reader. Today I come to read your post & my eyes open as wide as they can! Oh my goodness! I say to myself. Thank you so much for your kind words. You have touched my heart!
    Please know that you are not alone in your pain & frustration.

    p.s. If you do want to visit my blog, please go to

  4. mliddle says:

    With all of my emotions in freefall, I didn’t articulate my first thoughts when I read this post. I am excited for you that you won the Reader’s Appreciation Award! Congratulations!! .D
    I believe it’s a perfect award for you. As a reader, I appreciate what you write and the fact you are blogging. I receive a lot from this blog – from your thinking & a remembering of what is important.


  5. “She didn’t take it personally. She didn’t give up.” It is interesting how those two things alone can often times be just what we need when it comes to support. I enjoyed reading this post, it is great to see what you are doing for your community by sharing your thoughts! And congratulations on the award!

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