Sometimes we’re too concerned with the ‘marketability’ of words and ideas, rather than taking an interest in their substance.  A pet peeve with me, lately.

So, let’s make this short and sweet.  Love yourself.  I don’t mean in some emotionalized, surface, affirmation-spouting demonstration.  I mean the deep and abiding love that seeks the best interest of the self which means the inclusion of the best for others.   The purpose of your life is up to you.  Find what you are good at, what you have interest in and pursue it to the very best of your effort, and go beyond.  Learn, learn, learn, make it a habit.  In whatever circumstances you find yourself, learning can always be part of it.

When you love yourself, you watch your ‘mental talk’.  You begin to make choices where you didn’t notice them before.  And, I have found, you encounter respect from others, often.   Those who don’t treat you with respect get less notice, and seem to drop by the wayside.  This, I have found, is due to the fact that you are managing your time, and you won’t have time for those who are working out their problems on others, rather than facing them honestly and constructively by taking responsibility for themselves.

Love yourself.  Begin now.  Begin tomorrow.  Begin.

May you make respectful choices all day.    Thanks for reading.  Lilie



  1. JanBeek says:

    “Find what you’re good at… and go beyond.” Beyond what? Beyond what you thought you could accomplish? Beyond your own limitations? How? To go beyond what you can do by yourself, involve others. Love yourself enough to reach beyond yourself… that’s part of making respectful choices, isn’t it? Respect what you can and can’t do and find your missing strengths in the gifts of others. Beyond yourself… YES! That’s part of loving yourself, isn’t it, Lilie? Embracing your strengths, acknowledging your weaknesses, and being confident enough and humble enough to seek the help of others to fill in the gaps? That’s part of “the inclusion of the best for others.” Thanks for your insights. You made me think! 🙂

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